APIII-NYC/ Long Island Group

Mission Statement

It is our mission here at American Patriot the III% to unite Patriots from all walks of life. We believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, and the freedoms our Founding Fathers intended for us to have. We are a group of Constitutional Patriots comprised of Veterans, Housewives, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and every other group of every day AMERICANS! We operate fully within all state and local laws and we fully support ALL of our Oath abiding Law Enforcement and First Responders. We will provide a forum for both, individuals and Patriotic groups, to come together in support of one another and share their goals, views, and expertise in related fields. We are not “just another Facebook page." We are proactive in our goals. We strive to provide our Patriots with the most up to date news and information as possible. We also offer opportunities to meet and train with like-minded people face to face. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide support to all other Patriotic groups, but to form a logistical support network and a response team to help our communities, in the event of a State emergency. We hope to provide a faster and more personal response than government agencies can or will provide. We need Patriotic Americans in every background; Child care, emergency response, military, medical, self-defense, Law Enforcement, etc. all can help achieve our goal. So welcome to our group, fellow Patriots. Make yourselves at home here, you are among friends and together we will return our country to the glory that made her the Greatest Country in the World!!