49ers Since We Were Minors

Founded by Mar Dagga Knuckles. This group was created for 49ers fans across the world. The objective of this group is to bring together the 49ers community, talk 49ers football and anything that effects the 49ers, share owned 49ers products, meet fellow 49ers fans, and most of all just have fun. Please tell your fellow 49ers fans about the group as our goal is to be the most fun 49ers fan group ever! There are fun activities that we do to pass the time and keep things entertaining. Please view the pinned post for details and please involve yourself in all the fun.
Disclaimer: This group is patrolled by the Gold Rush Police Department (G.R.P.D). Any members who verbally attack another member, will be stripped of their group membership. Everyone is allowed their own opinion and there will be disagreement. However, we don't have to disrespect each other just to get a point across. There is also no selling to be made by any member in the group. Sellers will have 1 warning although I advise each member to read the description. If you try to advertise after warning, you will be banned. Thank you! (Updated) 10/03/14