NIGERIAN Atheist/Humanist/FreeThinkers Sanctuary(HOLY PLACE)

First and foremost, this is NOT a group, unlike a lot of Atheist groups, which simply bashes the existence of God. By definition, that is already assumed woven into the fabric of the Atheist Consciousness. No, this group goes far beyond that. It injects much needed humor into an arguably staid world. It tickles your sensibilities and educates your mind. It opens up new portals and creates a platform on which diverse opinions are welcome and astutely examined.
This group is focused on the debate between atheists and theists, and the rules are here to facilitate the debate. Joining the group implies that you have read and agree to abide by these rules.
Rules (Please note: This is a brief version of the rules to facilitate quick reading and the character limit for group description)
1. Disrespect, name calling and personal threats are forbidden. Threats against the group itself or threats of hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban.
2. Posting and not participating with the thread within a period of 12 hours after the first reply may result in a warning being issued against the original poster
3. Any content added to this group which could reasonably be considered to be a violation of the Facebook Community Standards is against the rules If the content is posted a second time, it will result in an immediate ban.
4. Blocking one or more admins will result in an immediate ban.
If the above rules are violated, the following process will be followed by the admins:
First Warning
Second Warning
24 hour suspension
First Warning (after suspension)
Second Warning (after suspension)
Permanent ban
5. Warnings expire after two months. Bans do not expire.
Rule violation is determined by the admins. If you have a question about a warning or ban, please contact the admin who administered the warning or ban.
If you feel that your warning or ban is improper, please contact another admin.
Other than that, have a good time, keep it clean, and come out debating!
This group challenges you, challenges the assumptions of creation, the preconceptions of life and the questions which besiege us as human beings on a daily basis. Where did we come from? What role does evolution play in the creation of homo sapiens? Where do we end up after we draw our last breathe and more importantly, what happens in between while we are still 'guests' on planet earth? (or any other planet out there.
Welcome one and all to the Nigerian/Atheist/Humanist/Freethinkers Sanctuary.