Australian's Against Water Fluoridation

This Groups purpose is to inform the public of the myths and realities of the Fluoride in out water, and it's effects on our Children and ourselves.

Fluoridation at the levels in our water is proven to cause various health ailments ranging from mild retardation, ADHD, ADD, IQ drops, Bone cancer, TOOTH DECAY! and much more.

Did you know that Fluoride is the main ingredient in RAT POISON.

Did you know that the Active ingredient in many SSRI drugs such as Prozac is Fluoride?

Did you know that Fluoridated water is used by war lords to keep prisoners complaisant?

Spread the word and perhaps someday we can get this out of our drinking water.

Although Fluorine is a mineral, Fluoride is a TOXIC WASTE BY PRODUCT!

Fluoride is a TOXIC chemical scraped from smoke stacks of Phosphate factories and then added to our drinking water.

Please join this group, Watch the videos posted, and inform yourself!
Once you're informed on the risks write our government and DEMAND they remove this caustic chemical from our drinking water!

We Must take back our drinking water!