Frances Adores Bullbreeds (F.A.B)

Welcome to Frances Adores Bullbreeds, F.A.B. for short.
Frances McGrath has been helping unwanted dogs for 35+ years.
She will always help any animal in need in anyway she can but, her passion is the Bullbreeds.
F.A.B. is a home based rescue and Frances is the primary Foster and Assessor of the dogs.
F.A.B. offer rescue space to pound dogs that are on death row.
The first move is from the pound to Frances, the dog is taken immediately for a Veterinary Healthcheck, Vaccinations and Micro Chip scan/ Implant.Any health problems are addressed and treated immediately. Neutering/Spaying if required is booked and carried out as soon as possible depending on the advice of the vet.
F.A.B.s Policies and procedures explain fully how F.A.B. works and they are in our Files Section.
F.A.B. will use the appropriate foster home on occasion that is able to work with a dogs specific needs as assessed by Frances.
F.A.B. does not use kennels unless in an emergency.
F.A.B. gives lifetime Rescue Back Up for every dog they home.
F.A.B. also continue to give lifetime RBU for any dog that was rehomed under R.E.D.S. from 18/08/2012, proof will however be required that the dog was rehomed with Frances McGraths full knowledge and approval.
The "Frances Adores Bullbreeds" admin are Frances McGrath, Pam Bryant Marie Workman