Buy and sell barbados post group

i welcome all of u to this special area you are now part of a group

If u notice you can allso place many pictures of new items to spark a interest to the customer

30 -100 ,.... items large variety of items is acceptable images and discription price next picture but stock still up to you new or old rare things
Shoes watches gold jewellery rings tvs fringes stoves fans glasses any thing good wanderfull

tap in to many people advertise

if u have bulky items u want to give away free take a picture post first come first serve post number

have a garage sale u want bajans to know bout post in here have fun and good luck

that anything is possible money making ongoing sow wonderful things and receive your rewards money is the result of successful sales or advertising
we starting something fresh looking for something post got any ......

buy and sell items through this group ,also post what u may need people may have and might sell what u ask for

ok it has come to my attention if the items are not in Barbados do not use this group or u will b ban there are people in here looking at each post so don't offend them

this is a privately owned group and all members must read rules and comply with requirements set by the owner

if your not from Barbados and looking to sell this is not the group for you
all post will be taken down and you will b ban