Buy,Sell Group in Banks & Southport and Surrounding Areas.

Just comment with your picture, description, price and location for collection and wait to see if anyone comments on your post.
Please make all posts sensible because any inappropriate or offensive posts will be removed and reported.

This group does not hold any responsibility for losses, damages, issues between buyers/sellers or disputes, however if you have had a problem with a member that may affect other members, please inbox either of the two admins and we will do our best to help you (Lee Stirrup or Samantha Baxter)

1. Only one "bump" per day and PLEASE do not continually re-post the same item so that all members have a fair chance of their item being seen. Instead, scroll down the page to find your post, then underneath as a comment, write "bump" and then your post will bounce back to the top of the page. Admin reserve the right to delete multiple posts of the same item.
2. Any sold items must be commented on as sold and then please delete the post as soon as possible after your item has been collected.
3. The first person to comment (even if it's just to ask a general question about an item) MUST be given 1st refusal as to whether they want the item or not. Please only use inbox messages to contact a buyer once they've agreed to buy your item, otherwise it can look like an item is still for sale if there's no comments after it, when actually it has been sold to someone via inbox message.
4. DO NOT sell guns, knives or any other weapons, or anything else illegal. NO cigarettes (incl. e cigs) or alcohol as it may end up with those who are under age.
5. STRICTLY NO ADS. Trade/business adverts are NOT allowed and will be quickly deleted.
6. DO NOT sell fake items.
7. DO NOT sell pets or any animals of any description. Posts about lost pets are fine but please remember to delete as soon as your pet is found.
8. DO NOT put your phone number or address as a comment under the pic of your item - use inbox messages only to communicate private info to your buyer.
9. Please state the location of your item and/or whether you are able to deliver to banks, hesketh bank, southport etc if you do not live in the vicinity. However, this page is predominantly designed for those people who live in the area mentioned in the title.
10. If your item is on other sites, please say so, so that people know that they may not be the 1st person to show an interest in your item.
11. Handmade items eg hairbands, pictures or keyrings are fine, but please ensure your item is in the local area for people to collect.
12. No job adverts please because admin will just delete them.
Non-collectors are frustrating - message your seller asap if you can't collect as arranged. Frequent non-collectors who have been reported to admin will be removed.
Any questions, please ask admin - we are friendly and we will respond as quickly as we can :-)