Free psychic readings and promote your paranormal events

This site is to promote all events and things connected with the paranormal and supernatural and new age religions and pagan beliefs. It can also be used for people to post pictures and for psychics to make readings from these. Also ghost pictures and stories can also be posted here, as can UFOs stories and sighting,groups and research.All are welcome including paranormal groups,ghost walks,psychics,pagans,astrology,pagans and new age religions and all things connected with this.We also wish general members of the public to join the group if they are intrested in the above subjests and they are most welcome

Although we don't have many rules we do have these few below

You can only promote the above related subjects no selling of any other none related items including electronic paranormal equipment .we take no liability for event s entered on here by individuals .no abuse to other members or you will be removed .

One thing we ask if you can put a link to this site so we get more members that would be great .This group is to promote your paranormal and psychic events but you can also place your pictures here for psychic readings.if you are a psychic in group who wishes to take part do feel free.The psychics do this for free and in their spare time they have to be drawn to your photo to give a reading so please be patient when submitting your picture.If you could make a separate post on the page rather than following the threads it does help the psychics.
Could you please put one photo up at a time in 24 hours and not bump your photo please.Otherwise it will be removed

The site is a free reading site so if you are a psychic who is joining us and you offer readings your first reading should be free or you should state how many readings you are willing to give.

if people decide to take a paid reading with a psychic they engage in contract with the psychic and the group has no liability for this.Also the reading between you and the psychic is between yourself and the content of this is not the liability of the site.

Any bad language inappropiate behaviour on the site admin will remove the person or persons concerned.Please dont upload pics of children just photos of yourself.

Thank you Chris