C.H.A.R.M (Conflict history and remembrance museum)

The Conflict history and remembrance museum is a new concept. yes it will still be a museum where you will be able to view military hardware. uniforms and weapons. But vehicles whether tanks, planes or boats need people to man them, and its there story we want to tell as well. Over the next five years we want to expand the museum to encompass all three arms of the forces and those who also served on the home fronts.
The museum is also an umbrella under which we can assist those that are now ex forces. promoting there general mental and physical well being, an outreach system will be instigated shortly to hopefully give greater access for those requiring help and with the people that can give that help. Community projects will create volunteer intermediate jobs where needed. training in new professions for those that require it and a way of easing those who find it difficult to adjust into civvy street. whilst providing a workforce able to undertake community projects which will promote them and assist there fellow ex forces brothers and sisters.
Moving Tank and armoured vehicle displays will be held regulary. Paintball which is already on the site as well as airsoft which is coming shortly. A full scale military assault course will be provided. Function rooms and bars are under construction and will be available for let. In all areas of the museum the service being provided has three core criteria. It must off course provide a professional and competitive service. it must also provide funds for the expansion of the museum and its activities and last but by no means least, It must provide some charitable function beneficial to those we wish to help. whether ex forces, disadvantaged children. PTSD victims or those suffering mental health issues. A community within a community.
Stan Baker