Kingswood Estate North Watford

The page is open to anyone living locally, not just on the Kingswood and anyone else who wants to join!
The idea is that it works the same way neighbourhood watch and residents associations do, neighbours looking out for each other, sharing information and even just chatting and yes, sometimes disagreeing.
Remember, freedom of speech is key, but keep it polite people!
Please keep foul language to a minimum (I know, it's usually me, Michelle, but I'll try if you will!)
Trolls not welcome.
Admin reserve the right to remove people / delete posts as they see fit for contravention of group rules and Facebook rules (if you don't know FB's rules, look them up) and reserve the right to add rules when necessary.
Try and use your common sense when posting - a good rule of thumb for Facebook is don't say it here if you wouldn't say it to someone's face.
While we have no affiliation with the Kingswood Residents Association a number of members are residents and or committee members, so if you have a question feel free to ask it here but remember it isn't an instant method of communication with the KRA, no, I don't know what time the coach is leaving on the next trip, no I don't know who you should drop your subs off to and I won't appreciate a snotty message from you if you miss out on a trip because you asked a question on this page and no one answered.
Thanks for reading.