GRA Canada

GRA Canada is making positive changes!
Bill Cowan has retired and is no longer involved with GRA Canada or it's operations.
Heather Main who has been with the kennel since 2008 is now the President, Manager and Operator of GRA Canada and is taking the group in a positive direction with it's new objectives. Of course our main objective of course is the greyhounds and our second is to welcome and work with and help when possible, other groups to give all greyhounds a furever home. Our volunteers are working tirelessly to bring GRA to it's fullest potential.
We welcome all greyhound lovers to join our group. We are also inviting any member of any group to join us at our events.
Things we will tolerate: photos of your furkids,
stories about how they came to your family and tales of their growth and how they changed your life.
Things we will NOT tolerate: any negative posts about GRA, it's members and/or anyone affiliated with GRA and we will immediately delete any such posts.
We will also not tolerate negative remarks about any other Greyhound group.