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Consumer Affairs a losing proposition for all - Why?

The corporates defy the law and give a bad treatment to consumers and still they make money. How?

Let us say there are 100000 cases of poor service or poor quality complaints. Only about 100 file the cases in consumer courts.

The Corporate would have made about - 100000 x 1000 = Rs. 10 crore by way of poor service or bad quality goods.

For 100 complaints they would hire an advocate for Rs. 1000 each case and the advocate gets Rs. 1 lacs to keep them happy.

The consumers would not find any advocate for Rs. 2000-3000/- that is expected in the form of legal charges from the consumer forums. So it is costly affair to fight the consumer cases by the consumers.

The consumers are not heard because they are frightened lot. They are individuals.

The advocates have associations to give an undue deal to the consumers.

The courts have laws to frighten the consumers.

Now see the changes that can be brought by coming together -

For more than 1000000 consumer cases in Delhi alone you can appoint some 20-30 advocates. So per person expense will not be more then Rs. 500/-. Consumer courts already pay more than Rs. 2000/-. The Consumer Courts want you consumers to come together and hire common advocates.

The Consumers can hire expert lawyers. The lawyers can specialise in one type of cases. Say Cases against builders.

The lawyers have so many consumers behind them. That will give them more money to the irritation of other advocates.

All the best advocates in the world will be vying for your attention. Because the consumers would mean lot of money.

Now a days there is hardly any advocate who is interested in the consumer case.

Turn the leaf of the history.

Take Charge.