Aberdeen, Saskatchewan Buy/Sell

This is the Aberdeen located in Saskatchewan CANADA. The Aberdeen Community Sharing Announcements, Items to Sell, Things to Swap/Give Away, and Home Based Businesses in the Community or having parties in the community... If you are NOT from the Aberdeen Community please list elsewhere.. Thank you!

Just to clarify for everyone, this site is for posting items to buy, sell, trade, give away or want.. it is not for posting repeatedly about your home based business or mlm business. Please feel free to post your items and enjoy this site. Lets make it a pleasant experience for all. Please remove your items when sold and make it easy for all. Eventually I will be making albums for our items to make for easier shopping, but until then please just post items to the page. This site is for Aberdeen and surrounding area, including but not exclusive to Vonda, Prudhomme, Warmen, Marensville, St. Denis, Saskatoon.. Please post your LOCATION with your item as it will make for easier shopping. Enjoy your shopping and make this fun and successful. Thank you
Your admins

repeated home based business post unless you are having a home party will be deleted and you will be banned from the site