Free Stuff Bury / Pre-loved Items

ADMIN are Samantha van der Merwe and Adele Adamson
-This is a FREE group. NO selling, NO swaps, NO cash, NO offers of payment (This includes postage and fuel costs ), NO advertising.
-Items offered/gifted are COLLECTION ONLY
-NO selling on of gifted items. If caught.....This will result in an IMMEDIATE removal from the group, and you will not be permitted to collect any additional items you were considered for. NO EXCEPTIONS!
-NO pets, NO alcohol, NO drugs, NO tobacco, NO weapons, NO copied or counterfeit goods.
-No Inboxing for items
-Please include collection area in posts (i.e) Bury BL8
-Do NOT post personal details on posts (i.e)address or contact numbers. This should be done in a private message/inbox, and when requested to do so for collection purposes only.
-If items are offered in bulk or bundles, ASK IN NEED NOT IN GREED. It is the decision of the offerer to agree to split bundles.
-If requesting or posting for a friend, please state this in your comment /post.
-The offerer has the right to limit or restrict the amount of items allocated to an individual at any one time.
-Food items may be gifted, only if unopened and within the expiry date.
-Baby and electrical goods are not tested (unless stated) and are accepted at your own risk.
-"MAY I PLEASE BE CONSIDERED, THANK YOU", is how items are requested. This gives everyone a fair chance. NO sob stories or explanations are necessary. MANNERS...HOWEVER...ARE ESSENTIAL AT ALL TIMES!
-It is the decision of the person offering the item, to decide who is considered for it. Members are to please use their own discretion /method when choosing a candidate for their item.
-If an item is not collected as mutually arranged, it may immediately be re offered to the group by the person gifting the item.JUST BECAUSE AN ITEM FREE IS FREE. ..DOES NOT MEAN WE WELCOME TIMEWASTERS!
-Do not ask to be considered for an item, if you are unable to commit to collecting the item.
-We rely on the generosity of members to keep our group active and successful. We operate on a give and take system. Please try to gift and item when you have received one.
-TAKERS WILL BE MONITORED, and may be refused items if they are found not to be giving anything back to the group.
-Please gift items in a condition you would be willing to accept yourself.
-Anyone requesting donations as part of a fundraising scheme must provide a valid fundraising number, we WILL check for authenticity quoting the posters name.
-With all the formalities out of the way...we hope that you ENJOY YOURSELVES, MEET LOVELY PEOPLE AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS!