billings west end online garage sale

Online garage sale for Billings sellers fr billings west end,you can post any items you want with brief description,price,and picture. If your item sells please be sure to remove your listing and if you have multiple Items to post then please try to use desktop version and create online album or if you aren't on desktop site try to post all of your picks at same time posting that you have multiple listings. Please be mature and meet your buyer or seller if deal is made,no leading people on will be tolerated. Keep communication w buyer or seller till sale is final. Be safe about meeting people with your items if any suspicious activity occurs plz report it to admin, if people are making offers and continuously not coming through contact admin so we can ban them fr the site. This is supposed to be fun so no drama will be tolerated,have fun and good luck.
Admin is not responsible for deleting posts,if you sell an item and can't find it go on through the desk top way,type your name in on right hand corner and all of your posts should come up so you can delete accordingly. If u are reported to me that you are a scammer you will blocked from site. Plz dont repost items several times just find ur listing and comment bump and item will be bumped to beginning as if it was reposted again w ur pics...NOT A SITE FOR POSTING WEIGHT LOSS ADS SRY THANKS. However advertising your own personal business listing is welcome as well as posting what you are in search of
New Rule....Please don't post that you are seeking something that could be dangerous like babysitter who might be a stranger to babysit your kids it's not a safe or good idea! Please use common sense be safe and have fun