An obvious fact that members are welcome to post any queries, in their suggestions, share their experiences, anything that is an add-on feature to make the group more fun loving, interesting for the entire purpose/objective of creating the group is to socialize and bring Sindhians together,BE IT FESTIVITIES,CULTURAL EVENTS OR GATHERING TO HAVE A BALL.To do this we as a community should st examples of oneness and unity & do so we have to do away with prejudices,ego issues,small talk for that brings down the very reputation of what we want to build: A STRONG PILLAR FOR OTHERS TO LOOK UP TO US WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT.IT IS WHAT WE PORTRAY REFLECTS NOT ONLY OUR OWN PERSONALITY BUT THE COMMUNITY IN LARGE..SO LET'S GET TOGETHER TO MAKE IT BIG WITH POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND APPROACH TOWARDS LIFE FOR THAT'S WHAT TAKES YOU WELL AHEAD IN LIFE..Most importantly is to make ourselves free of bias,power and treat one another at par for a healthy atmosphere. if not the whole objective would be a sheer waste of time.SO GUYS, JUST ROCK ON !!!