Gibraltar Nintendo Club

Greetings everyone Aaron Martin here and welcoming you all to the Gibraltar Nintendo Community. If you are looking to increase your HR on Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, checking out other peoples' homes in Animal Crossing, racing against players on Mario kart 7 or trading Pokemon then this is the place for you! Any other games in the future that people and players want to be a part of are also welcome to Gibraltar Nintendo Club Group. hope to see you online or in person and again welcome.A few basic rules for the good of the community - applying to both online and offline/event context:
1. Please add your NNID /Friend code upon joining the club so you can enjoy playing with other members online.
2. No profanity whatsoever. This includes no abbreviating curse words. Keep it clean guys.
3. If any member chooses to sell a video game related article, they may be allowed to post it on the group. However please be advised that you are only allowed to do so once per week and after asking one of the Admin's permission. We are not held responsible for any transactions dealt outside the group and any negotiations are down to the buyer and seller respectively.
4.No bullying or mistreatment of other members in the group. We appreciate people's opinions on this page as long as you keep it clean, constructive and open. We do not encourage name calling or abuse.
Please respect everyone's opinion. 5. No spam. We are happy to have video game (Sony and Xbox included, in small does; it's a Nintendo Club after all!) Anime and Manga related articles. We encourage members to post any interesting content that they may have seen as long as you state the source.
6. Members are encouraged to create their own events/meets using this page. Create the event and spread the word.
7. When at an event, we advise that each member charges their console fully before attending and if possible bring a means of charging their console whilst playing. We recommend bringing down a laptop and a USB 3DS charger. Don't always rely on other member's equipment.
8.Members have to be 14+ of age to join our group.
9.Rights of admission reserved.
Any questions, please contact the Admins: Sarah Jane McGrail Azdin Costa, Aaron Martin and Paul Sita.