Jess Kozak's Dry July - For Andrew Boulos

I have made the huge decision to conquer my inaugural dry July this year.
As everyone knows I love to be social & have a bevy or 2 or a case..

This is going to be pretty hard to accomplish although it is nothing compared to what my mate's family are going through since Andrews car accident in November 2013 which has left him still recovering in a brain injury unit.

I would appreciate it if you guys would sponsor me by donating some of your hard earned cash!!!

Money can be given directly to my mum Mona (Campbelltown area) given directly to me (Western Aust) or I can provide you with my bank account details.

ALL MONEY raised will be given to Andrew for his recovery & also to help support his amazing wife & 2 young children..

Thank you all & make it known I will be hibernating during July..!!!!!