Friends of Niue High School

Nestled in the hill on Paliati is a school, Niue High School

Fakalofa lahi atu - hey there thanks for joining this group.

My name is Joe Andrews presently living in Mount Isa, Northwest Queensland. I was a former teacher at Niue High School from 1998 to 2003. I taught Computer Studies and Information Technology back then.

When I started working there we had, I think 8 or 9 computers working, slowly with the help of NZAid we recieved brand new computers, brand new ergonomic classroom furniture, an overhead projector from Shell Fuel in Fiji. IUSN donated well needed practical text books and we together with the students fund raised for the curtains and got the students in the clothing textile classes to sew them. MSC the consulting group from NZ headed by Clare Church provided great assistant to the department and also to the school as a whole.

The greatest benefit of all these help were the students themselves. The creativity of work shown by the students in my classes were amazing. Your work continue to shine now. Just sitting back here and seeing the different pages that you all have created online and email messages I have recvd and hearing the levels of educations that you students have a achieved has surely brought a smile. Congratulations to you all.

I see that many of you have placed that IMPORTANT piece of jigsaw correctly on that board of life.

When you share a common love for a place it is always good to share stories and photos of the place that has contributed to forming who we are today. This group provides the opportunity for the former students of Niue High School past and present to share their stories and photos.

Add on friends who attended NHS. Hope to catch up with you all.

Fakaue lahi mahaki