The Marshall Islands Project

Geraldine Joran is a cheerful and bright 8-year old girl who dislocated her right elbow 6 months ago. With only 40° flexion, she is unable to use that arm to feed, wash and clothe herself. The hospital in Majuro is not equipped to repair her injury. If it is not fixed soon, the injury will not be correctable. It CAN be fixed in Redding! Surgery is scheduled on September 2 at SRMC.

The following donations have already been pledged: Shasta Regional Medical Center: Operating Room and hospital stay, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Schwartz of Shasta Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and an anesthesiologist: surgery, Smith & Nephew Pharmaceuticals Ltd: surgical hardware, Liberty Physical Therapy: physical therapy, Owen's Pharmacy: medicines, Gene A.: video chronicling, Barbara and Gordon & Donette J.: host families, Tracy: transportation. - See more at: