NTACTT. National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago

The NTACTT Objectives include
Exploring the Various styles and theories on local theater produced by local writers/creators and Directors.
the National Theatre must bulk large in the social
and intellectual life of a nation...
...It must be visibly and unmistakably a popular institution,
making a large appeal to the whole community.
...a National Theatre that would be from
the first, conditionally – and, in the event of success,
would become absolutely – the property of the nation...the people."
Preface (1904) to 'A National Theatre: Scheme and Estimates'
by William Archer and Harley Granville Barker, London 1907.
"What we’ve sought to do with our work is to be ambitious
and very popular, not because we want to be commercial but because those were the goals of the theatre that
sprung from the south bank of this river 400 years ago.
....a theatre that had an interest in developing
productions – whether new or old – that would be as
interesting as possible to as many people as possible."
Nicholas Hytner, Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Great Britain, New York Times, September 2011