Bangor Psychology: Class of 2015

Welcome to Bangor Psychology: Class of 2015.

This is the official School of Psychology Facebook group for undergraduate students that will graduate in 2015. If you are a single- or joint-honours psychology student and you will graduate in 2015, then you are welcome to join this group.

This group is administered by staff members from the School, but Year Reps will also have admin rights.

Please feel free to ask questions relating to the course, and please feel free to answer questions posted by other students (in fact, you are encouraged to do so), but do note that this site is not intended to replace use of Blackboard or University e-mail, so please keep up-to-date with any announcements that might be posted via those media.

If you have personal questions that you'd rather not share with other users within this group, then do please contact the relevant staff member by using their University e-mail address - please don't send private messages to staff members via Facebook as they might not get notifications about them.

Do please be respectful and polite when using this forum, and note that administrators of the site reserve the right to delete posts.

Here's to the Class of 2015!!