Jordans and nikes for cheap

1) No flaking! If your set on a deal with someone and flake you with be BAN from the group.
2) No rape prices on GR releases.
3) Respect Price Cap that are set by the admins for new releases. Posting up with above price cap will get your post deleted without warning. Continue to do this and you will be BANNED.
4) Do not start drama or you will be BANNED.
5) No "Offer Up or Testing Waters". Must have set price. (Firm or Negotiable)
6)Be specific if your looking to trade.
7)No posting Fakes or Replicas for sale. Result of this will get you BANNED.
8)No scams or scammers. If you see someone who is a scammer Please report to an admin.
9)No selling Toddlers or Preschool sizes over retail price. No need to try to sell a kids shoe to make profit.
10)If your interested in buying a shoe and aren't sure about it, do a price check or legit check on the group or ask an admin.
Baby, toddler, girl or boy, women or men jordans and nikes.
Sell your jordans or nikes.
Post picture, description, price and location of shoes.