Hair Extensions

Hi all and welcome to Hair Extensions Australia/New Zealand Only!

-Don't live in aussie or Nz you won't be accepted in.

-Looking for anything hair related this is the place.

-If you have any questions please post on the wall and myself and the other 2 admins will get back to you when we can as we all work full-time.

-This is a page for all Salon owner's,whole sale ,retail sales and girls wanting to buy and sell there hair extension's new or used.

-CHEAP- this word is not allowed to be used on this page for e.g saying you want to buy cheap hair isn't allowed girls complain they get shitty ratty hair from buying these "cheap extenions" well that's what happeneds if it is used your Stauts will be taken down and you maybe removed from the group with no warning
This is your warning by reading this.

-There is to be no posting of other hair extension groups due to it takes business off my page n I don't need or want that sorry.

-If you have a problem please Facebook admins right away and we will get to you when we can.

-Admins are Jlee,Cassie and Asha

-Nameing and shaming is allowed on my group as long as you have the everdence to show us admins what they've done by ripping you off or something that's understandable to post to name and shame then please inbox admins.

Thanks for accepting and reading these ruels J-Lee,Cassie and Asha