Exeter University OXFAM Society

Passionate about global issues? Exeter University's Oxfam Society is looking for campaigners to join Oxfam’s global movement of volunteers fighting poverty and injustice.

The Oxfam Society at Exeter will empower you to raise awareness and make a real difference through creative campaigns and stunts on campus!

Give your time and in return you’ll meet loads of like-minded students. Have fun whilst making a difference!

Sign up anytime for student membership with the Exeter University Oxfam Society for only £3.50 at http://www.exeterguild.org/societies/OxfamExeterUni/

Twitter @ExeterUniOXFAM

Please contact lcpc202@exeter.ac.uk for any queries.

President - Lucianna Cole
Vice President - Dala Alghanim
Treasurer - Liam Garrett
General Secretary - Fiona Bell
Publicity Officer - Alec James
Campaigns Officer - Rosa Brown
Fundraising Officer - Jess Harvey