Mums in Bahrain Business Classifieds

Mums in Bahrain Business Classifieds is the only OFFICIAL Business Classifieds group under the umbrella of MIB. It is a group for MIB members to advertise for their businesses. We expect all group members to act with courtesy and respect to all other members. Any posts that are rude, aggressive, inflammatory, political, religious or abusive of other members, will be removed and members potentially blocked from the group.

The group admins are not accountable for the authenticity of the posts or their owners credibility or honesty. We do our best to identify scammers and spammers and block them but beware of suspicious posts

Items which are NOT ALLOWED to be sold on this group include:
Copy, replica and fake items, Alcohol, Medicines, supplements, vitamins and similar products, The Entertainer vouchers, Animals and real estate ads

To be fair to everyone who wishes to promote their business, products and services, we request that you post a MAXIMUM of 10 pictures/posts per week.