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Having T...rouble Meeting Women?

The girls who you meet, “Just Want to Be Friends”?

Know a lot of women, but can’t seem to date any of them?

Want to have the attraction and seduction skills that would make James Bond envious?

This group can help...

Group Rules (Read this before posting):

Posts that are allowed:

-PUA In-field videos

-Dating Advice videos
-Videos that are actually Cool

-Boxing/MMA and other sports videos are welcome; since they also promote fitness and personal growth.

-Fitness Videos

-Health Videos

-Female Fitness Videos

-Female Model Videos

-Articles about Dating Tips

-Articles about Self-Improvement/Self-Help

-Articles about beautiful women

-Articles/Videos about Psychology

-Articles/Videos about Sociology

-Articles/Videos about Body Language

-Articles/Videos about Relationships

-Articles about pretty much anything PUA related that isn't promoting your boot-camp, book or product of any kind.

-Any Articles/Videos that are Motivational or Inspirational.
Posts that are not allowed:

-No Self-promotion for boot-camps

-No Self-promotion for books

-No Self-promotion period

-Anything that isn't listed in the "Posts that are allowed" Section above.

-No Porn

*I will delete any posts that are violating the rules.*

*Please treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.*