hot friends

Welcome to Hot Friends group. This group is open not just for hot people but for all straight guys, bisexuals, and gays.

The MISSION of this group is for you to have fun making friends with other members.

Making each of us practice their rights and equality in a good manners and making each of us be proud of ourselves what ever sexual preferences we have is our VISION.

1. Hot and daring photos are allowed but posting total nudity is strictly prohibited (any photo showing sexual part of the body).
2. Bawal mag away sa group post or comments. Kung may issue ka sa isang member you must resolve it by p.m. hindi yung sa group wall kayo makikipagbangayan.
3. Bawal mag plug or magendorse ng ibang group.
4. Avoid posting advertisements such as selling products and services as well as job hiring ( hindi po ito buy n' sell group)

**these rules and regulations are made to avoid any bad perception to our group. If you have any concern for the better of this group kindly pm the founder or admins of the group.