Adult (C)PTSD Survivors of Childhood Abuse/Domestic Violence

Hello and welcome to our humble sanctuary for adults and family/friends dealing with PTSD originating in childhood abuse. :) Please take some time to read our group description and primary guidelines below. A separate document detailing group posting etiquette can be found in the Files section. **Please** read the etiquette file, as it provides instructions for handling "trigger" warnings for posts (including images/pictures and video). Posts/images may be removed according to admin discretion.

**This is a co-ed group and we welcome members of any background - however, basic common sense applies: please be kind, compassionate, and *respectful* of other members' preferences, beliefs, and particular traumas. Please refrain from pressing political or religious views onto fellow members. "Live and let live."

**We discourage spamming. In the course of interacting with the group, we welcome sharing your expertise via links to blogs, etc. However, those who join for the express purpose of linking to other groups/businesses, etc., without otherwise adding to discussions will be treated with a "one and done policy." First advertisement gets a pass, but the second one will result in removal from the group.

**Keep in mind that the administrators are non-professionals. Nevertheless, we will do our very best to maintain a safe, respectful atmosphere for venting and sharing self-care strategies and resources for recovery. We emphasize support!

**In the event of talk of self-harm, or harming others, admin may need to report to Facebook. We strongly urge you to contact a professional: either your therapist or a hotline which can direct you to local resources. In the U.S., you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit their website to chat online:

Additional guidelines are still being discussed and added as needed. Thank you for your patience and understanding, much love and peace to you all. ♥ x

Admin team: Julia Farmer, Chuck Corsini, and Mandy Sanchez