St Chad's College Snog Chart 2014/15

Welcome to the St. Chad's College Snog Chart 2014 - 2015.

We are now up and running!

Fred Wiffen is your voted Snog Chart keeper, but, in an unfortunate twist of fate, he has realised he does not agree with the principle of Facebook and refuses to create an account. As such, Sam Heathcote and Chloe Williamson are acting as his Snog Chart deputies on-line, running this Facebook page and reporting directly to Mr. Wiffen.

Remember to post only Chad's snogs, between any Chad's members. We don't discriminate. If you're too scared to post your best friend's snog yourself, you can message Sam or Chloe to post it as an anonymous entry!

If there's a photo or post that you'd like us to take down then don't hesitate in contacting Sam or Chloe and we'll be more than happy to oblige.

And don't forget The male and female with the greatest number of accumulated snogs over the course of the year will be crowned Snog Chart King and Queen, an illustrious title which looks extremely good on your CV.

Get Snogging!