Friends in Small Business - Bendigo.

We all have a small business right?
We all struggle to get our name out?
If only our friends would like our posts and share our pages!

I wanted to create a group of genuinely interested business people who are prepared to share each others businesses on your own Facebook wall or your business Facebook wall.

*Members must have a Business Facebook page* or have one up and running ASAP after joining, we won't allow random advertising.

Please don't stay in the group if you don't intend to help promote other businesses by sharing a link to their page, we want this to work for everyone, and businesses flying under the radar will need to be removed.

We do not allow garage sale, clearance sales, or anything similar. This group is for professionally run, local businesses only.

Please remember this is a professional networking group and each and every other member is a potential customer for you. We ask all post are made with this in mind.

1. Simply post a link to your business page telling us a little about who you are and what you do. See other posts for ideas. *Members can ONLY post a link to their OWN business page. Posting on behalf of a family member or friend is not allowed.

2. Scroll through and like fellow members business pages and share them on your business page or personal page. A few words about supporting local, or a recommendation of sorts is favourable please.

3. Comment below the members post "Liked and shared by (*Business name*)" so that business knows which business to return the favour to. This process can be repeated as often as you like, but please keep in mind you don't want to start spamming as people will stop reading your posts.

4. With all businesses who like and share your business, it is an expectation that you will do the same in return. It isn't expected that competition businesses will like and share each others pages, however it is expected that conflicting businesses respect each others membership.

A. Members are welcome to post more than one business.

B. Members are to post their business link once per calendar month only, other members will find you by scrolling through.

C. Please do not BUMP up your posts, as other members comment "liked and shared' your post will automatically get bumped to the top.

D. The more fellow business pages you like and share, the more likes and shares you will receive in return.

E. If a member has a red hot promotion or competition you are welcome to post this also, however it is limited to 2 per calendar month. Members can then choose to share for the opportunity for return shares on their pages.

F. Please ensure all likes and shares are returned in A TIMELY MANNER.

Be aware members WILL notice when you do not return their likes and shares. Members found to be not doing so will be WARNED AND/OR REMOVED.

Admin reserves the right to remove ANY member for not following the rules or for any behaviour deemed inappropriate.

Happy advertising!