Emory University Sporcle Initiave

Sporcle.com is an online quiz website that allows individuals to log on and spend countless hours attempting to gauge one's understanding of random and pointless subjects. The website is used by college students everywhere as a prime means to procrastinate the extensive amount of school work and studying that plagues our experience at an institution of higher learning. Because of the affinity of the quizzes to attract overwhelmed students, Sporcle has begun ranking schools based upon student activity.

UNFORTUNATELY our great school has never been ranked within the top 25 of these schools. One may explain this injustice as a factor of our school's size. The fact is that colleges of similar size (and lower caliber) have been ranked as high as the top ten schools.

In order to correct this misrepresentation of Emory and her student body this group has been created to facilitate the increase in Emory activity on the site. To do this any interested person should follow these easy steps to get registered and start accurately representing Emory:

1) Go to http://www.sporcle.com/

2) Create an account on the site

3) Go to account settings

4) Enter in "Emory" as your school

5) Start sporcling!

Let's get Emory ranked!