Athey Creek Yellow Pages


This is a central place for the people of Athey Creek Christian Fellowship to list their business and services to fellow friends. Here are a few guidelines to help keep this a friendly experience . . .

1) This site and directory is for people who attend Athey Creek Christian Fellowship.

2) To view the directory, preview the Adobe (PDF) document posted under the tab “Files.”

3) To be added to the listing, email Cindy at or PM me on FB.

4) Some people like to keep their church and business lives separate. We understand and respect that decision! Please don’t pressure people to add their businesses to this directory if they aren't feeling led to do so.

5) People who want to be listed in the directory need to communicate directly with Cindy.

6) If you know of an Athey Creeker that might be interested in posting his/her business or service, you can guide them to this page or to the flier on the bulletin board at church.

7) Listings do not have to include professional businesses. I will add categories as necessary. For example, 'Yard Work' or 'Childcare'.

8) This is not a place to market your business. It’s simply a directory. Posts like this will be deleted.

9) This is not a place for customer reviews and sharing your experiences. Posts like this will be deleted.

10) I will be updating the Yellow Pages often. When this happens, I delete the old file and add the new one.

11) The directory includes businesses and services. Services are defined as a service provided by a Creeker that works at a company they do not own. Services are listed alphabetically by Athey Creeker's first name, then by title and company worked for. A business is defined as owned by a Creeker. Businesses are listed alphabetically by business name, then by the owner.

Thanks for stopping by!