Center for Transnational American Studies, University of Copenhagen

The Center for Transnational American Studies, University of Copenhagen, was launched at the beginning of the spring 2010 semester. It is based at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (Engerom). The Center is built around a core of tenured and tenure-track staff with training and research expertise in American studies, American history and society, and American literature and culture. This core staff teaches and researches various aspects of U.S. history, literature, politics, and culture in regional, national, and global frameworks.

As its name indicates, the Center places a special emphasis on transnational American studies: teaching about and research into the United States within wider hemispheric, transatlantic, transpacific, and global contexts.

In recent years, American studies/CTAS at Copenhagen has organized a number of international conferences, seminars, and research seminars, including the international, multidisciplinary conference "Denmark and the Black Atlantic" (May 2006); the biennial conference of the Nordic Association for American Studies (May 2009); and the fourth "Understanding the South" conference (August 2010, a collaborative research project between the universities of Manchester, Copenhagen, Cambridge, and Florida). In spring 2013, CTAS hosted its first symposium, "American Cultures of Work," which generated a forthcoming special issue (2014) of the journal _American Studies in Scandinavia_.

Guest speakers have included Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin (2007), Prof. David Roediger (2008), Sir Christopher Ricks (2009), Prof. Richard Pells (2010), Prof. Laura Browder (2011), Prof. Leigh Anne Duck (2013), Prof. June Howard (2013), and Prof. Bridget Bennet (2014). Among U.S. authors, visitors have included Junot Díaz, Rick Moody, Emmy Perez (2008), Ha Jin (2010), and Richard Ford (2012).

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