Campaign Cadence

Campaign Cadence is...

...a campaign to raise awareness and education on Sudden Cardiac Arrests and the benefits of AEDs for saving lives in such cases.

AED = automated external defibrillator

Attached is a link to the document from the Heart and Stroke Foundation regarding information on instituting AEDs in airports, restaurants, etc. Detailed information on the importance and efficacy of AEDs in saving lives is included. One thing, however, that H and S is missing is supplying HOTELS with AEDs and education staff on emergency procedures and how to use AEDs.

Recently, my mom and I met with a man (about 65yrs old) whom my father new who had a triple bypass last July because he collapsed dead from sudden cardiac arrest playing tennis at a racket club - no previous symptoms, normal blood pressure, athletic, healthy, non smoker, etc.
A friend of his ran and got defibrillator and shocked him alive, giving him enough stimulus before the ambulance (who was 9mins late) got there.

This man is lucky, but he is also a posterchild for the success of defibrillators!

Death is within 4 mins and brain dead otherwise. An AED could have saved my father's life, however, the hotel he was at was not equipped with an AED. Timing is critical.

CPR is less than 2% effective because ribs must be broken to get the heart beating again and most people are too nervous or too weak to be able to do that. In addition, AEDs are highly regulated and have internal sensors which create a threshold for providing external electric shock, thus will ONLY function if the beat is irregular, for safety pursposes.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is greater in males and over the age of 50. Although there are underlying causes and factors, SCAs can occur in anyone, any age, regardless of a healthy body status.

Since more people travel when retired, AEDs should be a requirement for ALL hotels because they SAVE LIVES, period!

I am inquiring on current safety protocols on AED usage and availability within hotels, as a means to enhance the education and instruction of AED as well as the availability of this life saving device throughout your hotels (floors and lobbies) both local and globally.

Please spread the word*


Campaign Cadence Goals:

1. To increase the availability of AEDs in public places
2. To educate the public on the importance of AEDs and how to use them (although they are completely self-explanatory)

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