Middle Georgia Arts & Crafts Marketplace

Hello and welcome to Middle Georgia Arts & Crafts Marketplace! Admins are Connie Tidwell Frady and Ashley Koke, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to message either of us.

This group is for both buying and selling handmade crafts and crafting supplies. This is not a yard sale type of group, so please do not post those items here.

(Page Administrators do not verify or endorse postings on this page, nor are they responsible for anything that may occur as a result of using this site. Use at your own risk. Inappropriate postings will be deleted! Use of this group is entirely at your own risk.)

You are welcome to ask for an item you are looking for.
Pictures sell items, try to have them already in a folder in your computer for easy uploading.
Use the "view photos" link on the right side of the page to do a quick view of items for sale.
Use the search toolbar on the top right of the page to find something specific.
While you are up there, change the settings in "Edit settings" unless you like a ton of emails on a daily basis :)
Keep the settings for message set so that they allow you to read posts that you are subscribed to, this allows you to be notified when a member comments on yout item. When checking your personal facebook messages be sure to look under the new "other" folder in your inbox. You may have messages stuck there right now!

* Yes, you may post ads for home based businesses as long as you are selling hand crafted goods only.
* You may also post about craft fairs that you are participating in.
* I spoke with the Georgia Department of Agriculture to find out if baked or canned goods may be sold in our group. They told me that anyone selling canned or baked goods, even on this site, will have to have a license through the state of GA. So, unless you have a license through the state of Georgia, please do not post them here. Sorry folks!
* You may sell new and used craft supplies
* You may also share with us if you know of a big sale on craft supplies, yarn, fabric, etc. :)

* Please remove all post/pics when your item has sold.
* If you are listing multiple items , which is more than 3, please create an album.
* Do not re-post pics of unsold items, but you may comment on/bump your pic.
* Add a price.
* NO asking for donations or donated items. That is more of a yard sale or freebie type request.
* Yes, you may post asking if anyone has a particular type of craft item for sale that you are looking for.
* Although Middle Georgia Arts & Crafts Marketplace is for buyers & sellers in the middle Georgia area, we will allow all sellers from anywhere in the state of Georgia and some from the surrounding states. If a seller is not located pretty close to Georgia they will be removed. NO sellers or buyers located outside of the continental U.S.!! NO exceptions!

Thank You!! Now let's all have some fun!