Miniature Schnauzer Information Ireland.

Please join if you love mini schnauzers!
The aim of this group is to provide information about the miniature schnauzer breed and also to provide owners with a site where they can chat about their schnauzer.
I also welcome reputable breeders to advertise litters of eye-tested, well socialised puppies which have been raised in a home environment. Questions about the breed are welcome :) I am setting up this site due to difficulties experienced in trying to get information from the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Ireland and also because of the large volume of people who have contacted me trying to source a healthy, QUALITY Mini Schnauzer pup. Should any schnauzers/schnauzer crosses need to be homed they will be featured on the site.

Puppies can not be advertised on this site until evidence of puppies and parents eye-tests and Kennel club details are e-mailed to a member of admin. It is the only thing we ask of members of the site and we would very much appreciate it if it were adhered to! Unfortunately members who advertise litters without doing this will be banned and removed. We are doing this to protect potential owners from experiencing some of the mini schnauzer puppy horror stories we have heard lately, from pups dying at a few months old, to inbreeding, to very clever puppy farmers tricking people into thinking they are buying from reputable breeders, to dogs going blind at just a few years old-the list goes on and on!