AVI ICM Kiribati / Fiji

Welcome to the AVI Fiji / Kiribati Volunteer Social Media Group! This group is a forum for all AVI Fiji / Kiribati volunteers to join together by sharing experiences and to support one another as we carry out our assignments. Members are able to post pictures or discussions about their life as a volunteer. Members of the group include current and past Fiji / Kiribati volunteers, local AVI In-County Staff and AVI Melbourne Staff.

Below are some guidelines for posting within the group. We hope to foster ongoing discussions and build relationships between AVI Volunteers in Fiji and Kiribati.

1. Please be polite when engaging in discussion with fellow members. We do not all have to agree on any single point, but we should behave in a manner online that is similar to how we would behave if sitting together. We are in this group to learn, share and compare, develop skills and better understand the Fijian / Kiribati culture.

2. Please post interesting, thought-provoking questions and ideas. Please provide an introduction to anything you're posting and why you think it's relevant. Links to articles without an intro don't open up the post to a larger discussion and can be construed as an attempt to generate traffic for that particular site. If you are going to link an article, do so in the optional details section of the post.

3. Fun. We volunteer in what many would say is paradise, lets make sure to have a great time and share it through this social connection. Post pictures for others to see, travel tips and techniques are always welcome.

Enjoy the network.