Global Guardians on the Future of South Sudan

Given the increase in the problems facing the current world generation, it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure the well-being of the global future generations. The world is changing so fast politically, economically, culturally and socially. Such speedy global change has brought lots of challenges globally. Although our challenges vary from country to country, the whole world suffers. We live in a globalised world, as such, a mess in one country has a devastating effect in the global future generations. Therefore, as Global Guardians on the Future of South Sudan, we propose that by guarding the future of South Sudan in all areas, we shall be contributing our part to safeguard the global future generations. Since we are global citizens, our membership is open to anyone around the world regardless of age, gender, level of education, profession, tribe, nationality, financial status, race and etcetera. We envision more things in South Sudan that would have positive effects globally.

The Global Guardians are visionary, smart, great thinkers, determined, enthusiastic, merciful, hard workers, focused, trustworthy, persistent, helpful, teachable, have great ideas and are passionate in guarding the global future generations by positively shaping the future generations of South Sudan.

On our facebook wall we post and debate on any political, economical, social and cultural issue facing South Sudan.

South Sudan needs you regardless of your personality. We know you have more qualities that can suit you as a Global Guardian, as such, if you decided to join us, you could request to join the group and we would respond to your request as soon as possible.