Alpha Chi Omega Derby Days 2014

Welcome, lovely ladies!
This is a group to talk about all things Derby Days. We're going to give you all the insider information you need to destroy the competition at Derby Days and win! We are so excited to work with you ladies, since all of you ladies are the most dazzling and hard-working we've seen. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to call/text and always only ask either one of us. We are here to make sure you all win and get that grand prize of around $10,000! Winning Derby Days will show FIU who Alpha Chi Omega really is and how serious they are about being part of the FIU community. Also, I know we all get competitive sometimes, but remember that this is all for philanthropy!
Your Derby Daddies,
Brandon Rodriguez (786) 543-0825
Luis Burbano (407) 758-2892