Jerseyville State Street (Down-Town)

okay everyone I would like to Challenge each one of you guys to Invite everyone you can that loves our down-town in Jerseyville We need build up the Support for local Business to come in and help not only the down-town But the whole town Flourish and keep the look of our down-town looking Great i started this group becasue it is a way for all of us to find out any info we would want to find out about the state street i was so I ask you Whos in ? who wants to help me by Showing what this that we love our down-town

alot of the people that run this page started The page and pushed hard to get our stadium Theater back and we won. With the help from everyone in this town, we decied that with at the Intrest you showed as a town with that fight we could make this group and show the people we care about them and we want them to open there business here. we cant do it with out you help us make this dream come true :)

it Would be nice though to see the community rally around all the projects on state Street and then we can all move on to the next and rebuild Jerseyville one business at a time