Kicks Rule Everything Around Me

1. Must have a set price or bin on what you are selling. If you are looking for trades stat that so that we can know.

2. If it is #TakeEmTuesday dont have rape prices. Only rape prices for heat or hypes on #TaxEmThursday. No arguing on somebody's price , there price is there price.

3. No will be automatically banned

4. If you have been accussed of flaking 2 times you will be suspended for a month. The 3rd time is a ban

5. You can sell more than shoes but dont get crazy trying to sell everything. Your post will be deleted without a warning

6. Im not tolerating any bullshit , so lets have fun and sell your kicks

7. When doing meetups meet in public places so its safe for both people. None of that robbing bullshit.

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Kvng Mante
Cilla Flores
John Horton
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