SCROOGE AND THE GOP They are a party that enjoys hurting people, sad thing is they want you to give them control so they can hurt more people and people that watch FOX and Listen to Rush love to bow to them. Because we all know Scrooge can be saved, I have had hoped that someday this current bunch of Republicans would be visited and join the Human Race. What I see from this Current Bunch is that they are getting worse. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and so many others have no compassion at all for the People of this Country. Let us hope that these NON HUMANS are visited by the and we end up with a Republican Party that will show Honesty and Brotherhood for all Americans. (Not much Hope on this) Here is how I end my BOOK, I wrote this Poem for my Grand Kids one night when I was doing some Baby Sitting and look at their beautiful faces. "In our hands we hold the destiny to our Country, to our Environment, for our Families and to the well being of all creatures on this Planet. There are times in history where, 'We the People', need to come together and do the right thing, this is one of those times". Jeff 2014. Scrooge drawing done by me, also did the Book Cover Drawing Please Like this and Share this -\-\- Happy Holidays