THE GRAY ZONE (Fucked Up Music And Ignorant Art)

No Genre, Every Genre, Pointless and Profound. A Cage to Constr...ain, A Label to Limit, A Title to Torment and a Bullshit Box. No Rules, No Traditions, No Restrictions, No Conflictions. Beautiful Noise, Atmospheric Drum Machines, Intentional Accidents, Analog Digitization, Natural Synthesis, Pretentious Creativity, Abstract Technique while Laying Down Dancing. Bedroom Arena Rock, Independent Corporations, Philosophical Stupidity, Organized Clutter.

The Goal is to Create Nothingness and Hear Silence with a $30,000 modular system or Fluctuating Flatulence. Bang on Your Prison Bars, Bang Bartenders in Dive Bars, Digital or Analog Snobs Disregard, Just As Long As It's Field Recorded in A Million Dollar Studio With A Sound Engineer Who Is Too Stoned to Hear. We Feature Deaf and Blind Beat Makers Who Bang On MPCs Because They Love The Step Sequencer And The 16 Levels Feature. Enneagrams From One Man Bands Who Can't Stand, But They Can't Stand Sitting so Their Jams Are Unplanned.

Kraut Rock, Hip Hop, Techno and Synth Pop. Hardcore Punk, Hardcore Rave, Softsynths, and Hardcore Porn. VSTs, SST Wannabees, VHS Sampling With DAWs on PCs or S950s. My 8 Track Won't Record Since My Space Echo Broke But There Is No Hope For A Macbook Pro Since I'm A Hoe. WAV or MP3, 45 or 33, Masters of Machines or Masterbating Weed Fiend Teens. If It's Dirty, It's Clean.