Active Minds at Stony Brook University Interest Group

Active Minds chapters aim to provide education, awareness, and advocacy with regard to mental health disorders on the college campus. It is important to note that while many members have a special connection to mental health disorders, Active Minds is NOT a support group and is unable to provide mental health services. The group does however link people in need with the professional resources that can help them.

The group is open to do anything that they can dream of. Very often, chapters will host educational campaigns to educate students about the prevalence of mental health disorders on college campuses, the signs and symptoms of these disorders, how to help and where to go. They also can host workshops, help advertise and co-facilitate depression screenings with trained personnel, and host de-stress events. Most groups host social events like de-stress events or movie screenings and hand out information there to allow students to receive necessary information in a safe, non-judgmental environment that serves an additional purpose of giving students an opportunity to hang out, relax, meet new people, etc- all things that have been shown to help facilitate recovery from a mental illness!