childrens heart unit, Freeman hosptial Newcastle upon tyne

this is a charity, the main office is at the freeman hospital in newcastle. Surgery for children aged 0 to 17 years would attend this hospital. this is just to raise awareness of the charity and how it helps children to survive and pay towards the up keep of ward 23 and intensive care where the children would have surgery. Money helps towards machinery needed but also toys to help the children develope or just keep them entertained in the time that they spend in hospital, sometimes this could be months. my little girl lily has been affected by congentail heart disease, she has already had 5 operations 4 of them being open heart surgery. im just asking people to join and may be in the future if you decide to do something for charity why not do it for these kids at the freeman some of them go through so much in ther first year of life that we would never experience. thanks for reading this and joining this group obviously with lily being my daughter and affected by it, she will need a heart transplant in the future its something im very passionate about . thanks again xxxx