Ace & Jig, Brass Razoo, Duchess & lion, (handmade & vintage) Resale.

This is a BST group... Here are a few brands we swoon over xoxo

Briar handmade, liboosha, Lenox, half pint kids, The striped fig, soor ploom, suoak, half pint kids, children of the tribe, ladida kids, mango kids, kandelphy, Misha and puff, goat milk, bapribap, steal nina, els, lil fut, Salt City Emporium, freshly picked, wren & james, ducess & lion, brass razoo, woven play, tutu du monde, soft gallery, nico nico, nelly stella, luckboy subday, mabo, elskan, supayana, briar handmade, pons, bang bang copenhagen, stated simply, ultra violet kids, zuzii, house of mia, stay & co. Paush, wren & james, little woo, maliasthreads, velveteen, James Vincent, soft gallery, ollijones, crew & lu, Mara hoffman, swallows return, boy + girl, Rags_to_raches

1. Please don't message/tag people about dibs, keep that on Instagram, (no dibs ) you may tag the person if they are ISO or answer to someone's ISO
2. Please don't make people feel guilty about what they are buying, (example: you have so much D&L you should let me purchase that instead) it's tacky.
3. Since handmade isn't made in huge quantities, please resell what you purchase (from the group) back into the group. We believe it's only fair.
5. *First email claims* If you have a question, leave an email with pending question.
6. 2 hours to pay, item will be passed to backup if payment isn't received in that ( time frame) buyer can request *immediate payment*
7. If you have something for sell on IG and in the group please mention it has been +cross posted+!
9. Please don't comment on someone prices (example: that's too high) please move along.
10. No claiming for others, you may tag them, but do not put your email down for them. Fair is fair.
11. Happy shopping :)

For other brands-
Zara, Crewcuts, Resell

For mommy items-
Thee Mothers Lounge

For fashion ideas and sharing-
Diary of a Hip Lil Sprout