El Paso Texans - Official Houston Texans Fan Club

Hello El Paso – Texans Fan Club, I am so terribly saddened to hear that some of you had an unpleasant experience with Cabo Joe’s wait staff, hostess and manager. I reached out to Rico, who is the Manager at Cabo Joe’s and he did express his disappointment with the way things turned out. Also, he mentioned that they had an overwhelming amount of Cowboy fan’s that had already reserved seats within his establishment. We did agree that the hostess did not handle the situation professionally by threatening/mentioning to throw us out after the Texan game. Hopefully we can understand their circumstances as well due to the hostess being nervously concerned to accommodate the growing crowd of Cowboy fans eagerly waiting to be seated at their reserved tables. Rico expressed that we are all still very welcome at Cabo Joe’s and he promised that they will continue to provide all of us a great venue and service. In my humble opinion, I am terribly disheartened that we have struggled within the past 3 years to find a permanent home for our El Paso Texans Fan Club gatherings. Yes, I was there initially when Cabo Joe’s at the Sioux location disappointed our fan club tremendously. Thanks to Rusty, we then moved our fan club gatherings to WingHouse where we enjoyed a brief boost, but then our gatherings faltered immensely due to our Texans dismal season. Also, I should mention that I was a frequent visitor to Speaking Rock’s awesome attempts to host Texans tailgating parties, but they discontinued due to poor attendance. Honestly, none of you cannot deny that we have truly struggled to find a home for our fan club gatherings. I for one, including my family, will continue to make Cabo Joe’s our place to enjoy what is left of this season's Texans games. Thank you all for making our El Paso Texans Fan Club gatherings a true success this year. Best regards,
Gary Gray