2015 Entry - University of Manchester, Life Sciences Offer Holders

This group is for applicants who have a received an offer to study Life Sciences here in Manchester from September 2015. This is a place where you can ask questions, find more about your course and get to know other potential students! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, make sure to check out the FAQ section and the photo album of courses!


Key Dates:

Semester 1 starts: 21/09/2015

Reading Week : 26/10/2015 – 2/11/2015

Christmas break: 18/12/2015 - 18/01/2016

Semester 1 ends: 31/01/2016

Semester 2 starts: 1/02/2016

Easter break: 18/03/2016- 11/04/2016

Semester 2 ends: 10/06/2016

What is the Industrial Year?

The Industrial year takes place in the 3rd year of a 4 year degree and gives students real-world experience in a relevant sector. You will be working with one of our partner organisations either in the UK or internationally. We have over 500 organisations to pick from and there should be something of interest to everyone. We have recently expanded our range of placements to reflect the growing range of science careers outside of the laboratory in science enterprise, education and communication. If you are thinking to switching on (or off) this additional year, please email ug.lifesciences@manchester.ac.uk with your query.

What happens if I ‘slip’ a grade?

Places will be officially allocated in August when the A-level results are released. In the first instances places will be given to those applicants who have accepted their offers with us and met their entry criteria. Once these places have been allocated, if there are any further places available, all applicants who have firmly accepted their offer with the University of Manchester but who have narrowly missed out on their offer conditions will be reassessed by the head of undergraduate admissions. Unfortunately we will not be able to consider any applicants who have accepted Manchester as their insurance option but have not met their offer conditions.

Whilst applicants in the past have been given a place after slipping a grade, this is not guaranteed. Additionally, applicants who do slip are usually still within the offer grade range of AAA-ABB.

Accommodation guide:

All applicants who put Manchester as their first choice will be guaranteed University accommodation. Accommodation for unconditional offers will be issued in July and those who have conditional offers will be issued accommodation after results day in August.

Further information about accommodation can be found here:
http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/ and any questions can be answered by the accommodation team at: accommodation@manchester.ac.uk

Reading Week

Reading week happens in the 6th week of semester 1 for all FLS 1st year students. Reading week should be used as a time to catch up with any work you may have fallen behind on and to revise for mid-term exams. You may also have labs during reading week so it is important not to book anything during this week.