Guyana's Unique Culture

Guyana has a diverse and unique culture .We are a people with a spoken identity be it one of the languages spoken by our Amerindian brothers and sisters or our multiplicity spoken ways of creolese it is spoken from village to village and town to town and generally is accepted as a way of life .Our historical origins ,music, craft ,poetry,drama, writing skills and our virgin forest to the rich architectural buildings identify as Guyanese. What we have in Guyana all makes us culturally diverse. This groups gives you an opportunity to post cultural things Guyanese or of another country .It is advisable you refrain from deep seated politics.It would be necessary to keep all postings from obscene language and pictures .Respect therefore is the operative word ! If you're not a Guyanese this does not mean you cannot post your cultural setting. Guyana's history of being ruled by the French, Dutch and the English has made us culturally complex .Our rich history suggest we have our roots in Africa India Portugal and China. Our Amerindians are said to have cross the Bering Straits during the ice age and there are nine tribes of them. How diversify we are ! This does not mean cultural pictorial activities from other lands will not be accepted